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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 6, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby in for skpwr*epba -- jenna today. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. the british prime minister canceling an engagement, why he's worried right now. jamie: and a chilling report by the taliban, getting a payout for every american soldier they kill in afghanistan. which nation is funding terror on the battlefield, putting a price on the heads of our troops? gregg: in the bottom box, goodbye earl, hello hermine? brand new information on the track of a tropical storm called hermine. where she's headed right now, plus the damage this one could do. we are here in the fox news room where breaking news is coming in from all over the country and around the world, the domestic desk, covering the u.s., the foreign desk, watching events around the world, and the media desk bringing in all the video and live
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pictures, 24/7. as campaign season sicks off, president obama is hitting the road to unveil some new proposals to try to jump start the u.s. economy and create some needed jobs. mr. obama is about to head off to a labor day event in milwaukee where he'll announce a $50 billion plan to invest in the nation's roads, theral way -- railways and the air force. mike emanuel traveling with the president is in milwaukee and how will this infrastructure proposal work? >> reporter: well, gregg, essentially the president wants to lay it out, he's got to get congress to approve it, but as you mentioned, infrastructure projects, the 3rs, roads, railways, and runways. let's take a look 59 -- at the numbers, the plan will call for rebuilding 150,000 miles of road, maintain 4000 miles of rails across the country and rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of runway. i should mention this event
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here in milwaukee will attract a lot of labor union types, so it will be a friendly audience, the president want to go emphasize to the crowd that he understands people are hurting in this economy, this is a proposal he wants to lay out but senior administration officials acknowledge they don't expect it will actually create any jobs until some time next year, and so if anybody is looking for an immediate short term fix to our economy, this is not it. but the president will say he is on the case and try to reassure americans that there are better days ahead. gregg: the lack stimulus required a lot more time before the jobs were put in place as well. mike, look, the big question is how are you going to pay for this, $50 billion, and that's only the front-end-loaded portion of it? >> well, that's right. and these fiscal times, that is the question everybody is asking, because there are great concerns about the debt and decifit spending, and so essentially, if
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you're going to do this you're going to have to find other places to cut. the question is, will congress be willing to do that. but there's been great discussion, great back and forth, between the two parties about the effectiveness of president obama's economic plans. senator john mccain described the economic polices of the obama administration as essentially flailing around. here's a little bit more of the backand forth, gregg: >> the economic polices have failed, and -- you can argue about jobs, created jobs, jobs saved, but the fact is when they passed the stimulus package, they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8 percent. it's now 9.6%. enough said. >> the democratic strategy has been and it's going to be discussed in more detail later, let's target the tax credits to middle class folks and to small businesses, but especially, let's target the tax credits to where they will do the most good, will they will have the most likelihood of increasing economic activity >> tim kaine is advising
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that democratic candidates should not run away from the president, should not run away from being democrats. senator mccain making the case that the president's economic polices have not worked and that republicans have to have a plan to sell to the american people to get them to vote republican on election day, gregg. gregg: mike emanuel with the president in milwaukee, mike, thank you very much. jamie. jamie: president obama's handling of the economy will likely determine the fate of his fellow democrats in the november mid-terms, and could also impact hugely his own prospects in 2012. take a look at a new fox news opinions dynamics poll asking whether or not president obama deserves reelection. democrats and republicans largely voting along party lines. but the most interesting and perhaps critical group could be the independents who helped the president win the white house, now nearly half saying the country would be better off with someone else in the oval office. that is before they even though who's running. joining us now, our
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democratic pollster, doug schoen, former adviser to president clinton and ron bonjeanne, assistant to dennis hastert. thank you very much for joining us this holiday, great to have you. ron, when you look at the activities the president is up to, he's working on a holiday, going to announce more spending, just don't call it a stimulus, the white house is saying, but that will create jobs in 2011. will promises cut it? >> i don't think so. you know, this is a hail mary pass president obama is throwing. you know, days before the election, this is election eve, and the time for governing is pretty much over for the president. i mean, he can't really put together a stimulus package or a tax cut package that will be effective. i mean, americans were promised change that they could believe in, they were promised jobs, they were promised a growing economy, democrats passed a stimulus package that just failed, we're at 9.6 unemployment,
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and now the president is coming out with a plan, lo and behold, on labor day because needs something to talk about. but this is really a sham, this is not going anywhere in congress, you know, they don't even really know how they're going to pay for it. jamie: the bureau of labor statistics is a train trove of information right now because the jobless numbers are higher than we were promised, based on stimulus spending, and this caught my eye. based on the 9.6% unemployment numbers, among whites, 8.7% are unemployed, but look at african-americans and latinos. how critical is the vote of these minority americans who are out of work. let's first start with mid terms. >> jamie, absolutely critical. the level of enthusiasm of african-americans and hispanic to vote in this election compared to the one in 2008 is demonstrably lower, and if president obama and the democrats are unable to stimulate turnout
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from african-americans and hispanics in the mid terms then the results will be as bad if not worse than some of the polls have suggested. jamie: ron, young voters, too, really felt the impact -- impact, this summer of the lowest in terms of jobs, they're graduating, not finding work because there are so many more experienced workers out there looking for jobs, not to mention all the people on the sidelines who have given up. so what about them turning out? they turned out hugely for president obama. will they be influential in the midterm election? >> i don't know. it's highly unlikely. they thought president obama was going to bring change, like i said before, and it just didn't work. they were crucial to his turnout in 2008, in helping democrats generate the enthusiasm for the election. and i don't think they're going to be there for democrats this november. frankly, i think the real discussion in terms of creating jobs should be the -- through the extension of the bush tax cuts and not
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raising taxes on job creators. jamie: i hear that a lot from people on your side of the aisle and also michael steele said there is a plan, congressman boehner said there is a gop plan, it will be disclosed this month. why wait, and what do you know about it? >> well, i think it's a smart idea to wait until after august to talk about what you're for, when voters are really paying attention. i think you'll see something in the next couple of weeks from the house republican leader. i don't know much about the -- about senate but i have a feeling it's going to focus directly on growing jobs in the economy. jamie: what do you think about the plan so far, what the president has in mind this week? it's still billions of dollars that will be spent. >> i think he's acknowledged we got to do something about jobs, jamie. i think the small business tax credit that he's proposed is paid for, he's talking about extending the research and development tax credit. obviously, the new spending on infrastructure. but he's fundamentally put forward a jobs program, and
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what you've heard from ron is a lot of negativity and a lot of no, but no programs, and he suggests that the republicans can and should wait. i say we don't have the time to wait. we need bipartisan cooperation now to get the jobless rate down. jamie: or ron, is it a better strategy to wait and let the democrats put fourth plan that may not show measurable results before the mid termseso mid terms? >> i was going to say, in the beginning of the obama administration, this is exactly the approach he should have taken. he should have done a blend of tax cuts and spending instead of going the whole keynesian approach and hurtinging the problem. we don't know the details of this proposal, we're hearing broad themes but legislation hasn't been introduced in congress. it doesn't look credible to me on the face of it that it's actually going to make it through, and they've also acknowledged voters aren't going to feel it by the election. i think we need to wait until we have a republican congressional majority to put forward a critical plan
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that can be really thought through and put together in a bipartisan way that's taken seriously. jamie: bi-part -- bi-part tanship, sha is a concept we've heard a lot about. we'll wait to hear more about this plan. thank you very much, gentlemen. gregg: concept is the right word for that. a wild animal escapes from a zoo. what authorities are now saying about how this tiger got out of its color in miami, and who is being held responsible for the terrifying incident. plus, a dramatic rescue, the coast guard, swooping in to save seven boaters stranded in nineert -- stranded in the waters off south carolina. we're going to tell you thousand one turned out.
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jamie: welcome back. "happening now" in the top box, the coast guard rescued seven people from the seas off charleston, south carolina, after their boat took on waefrplt they were in the water 20 hours before help arrived. it was nighttime.
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scary stuff. all had life jackets. no word on their condition. middle box, new pictures just released of the damaged blowout preventer from the massive oil spill in the gulf. the bp -- oh, the actual device is under supervision of the fbi. they are investigating what caused the spill. in the bottom box, more folks are forced out of their homes in new zealand in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake, 7.1, it destroyed hundreds of buildings in christ church. amazingly, no one was killed gregg: how about this one? a 600-pound tiger, terrifying zoo goers last weekend after jumping out of its color at miami's jungle island. florida wildlife officials now filing charges in the case, citing human error. wfzn has that story: >> jungle island, still under the microscope more than a week after a 600-pound tiger makes a run for it, terrifying guests
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and staff. authorities now taking action. >> we filed two charges against the owner of jungle island and we also filed two charges against the owner of the animals. >> indeed, officials with florida fish and wildlife, citing the owner, bernard levine, facing those two misdemeanors and also failing to give a written warning of the escape. the owners are also charged with maintaining the animal in an unsafe condition, resulting in threats to public safety. authorities in the meantime, saying mulch in this case also was part of the problem. >> we determined that they had laid out mulch on the floor of the cage, causing the cage actual -- actually the floor to be higher than what we originally had thought. if you measure the cage from the outside, it is 12 feet, but because of the mulch and the fact that the mulch make
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the floor higher, it wasn't quite up to par. >> the tiger jumping this 14-foot fence, after it was startled by another animal. jungle island responding to the citation sunday. >> we maintain that the fence surrounding the color meets state regulations. that said, we take any recommendations seriously and we will continue to look into not only addressing these issues but exceeding them. >> meantime, the nine month old liger cubs were on display over the weekend in the same spot where the tiger used to be. visitors seem not minding the change very much. >> hoping to see it but they told us that it wasn't here. >> i knew he wasn't going to be here and that actually made me kind of feel a little safer. gregg: well, that was tiffany ruiz with our miami affiliate, wfbn. a gibben also escaping from its cage in jungle island last weekend, that's an ape. investigators say a tiger
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likely jumped over the fence to chase an ape. a lesser ape. jamie: what a caper! there are dire predictions about the h1n1 flu. remember last year, a lot of hype, not a lot of deaths. there were some, though, and the flu is still dangerous. there's a worry now among health officials about complacency for the fall flu season. why the cdc is urging almost everyone to get vaccinated this year. dr. manny joins us. and the practice of keeping a college athlete on the bench for the first year, let them continue training and mature. red shirting for kindergartners? oh yeah, it's for real. some parents are delaying sending their kids to school. whether that's a good idea. dr. keith ablow, next.
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gregg: the h1n1 flu outbreak was not as deadly as many people had feared, but health experts are warning against complacency this flu season and the center phos disease control wants nearly everybody to get vaccinated, not just kids, the elderly and those with health problems. joining us now to talk about t. dr. manny alvarez, senior managing health editor of, a member of our fox medical a team. doctor, always good to see you. >> good morning. gregg: was it overwrought or hyped last year, or did they just get lucky -- did we just get lucky? >> we got lucky. people have to remember we were expecting thousands upon thousands of people losing their lives because of the h1n1 flu, but 12,000 people died. i mean, so you know, one person is just one too many, and if you ask the family members that lost folks in their families due to this
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h1n1 flu, they'll tell you how significant it is. so this is not something that we must forget. gregg: right. >> and we have electrostrive forward to make sure the population gets vaccinated again the flu and this year in particular, i think the vaccine is going to be very effective. gregg: is there a series of shots this season, or is it one shot covers everything? >> the good thing is about the flu shot this year, it already has the h1n1 vie rurbgs you don't have to worry about getting different strains. it's pretty well-balanced. it is recommended for everyone. everyone. young children, less than six months, no, but anybody above six months, get it. there are now peak times for vaccines, especially for the elder will and young children because sometimes you have to prime the immune system, so you might need a stronger kind of dosage of the flu vaccine. gregg: just one shot? >> one shot or two shots, depending upon the age category. nonetheless, i think people must not forget that still around the world, thousands
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of people died. look, if you looked, a lot of scientists got a lot of negative comments because they were saying oh, these signs have said the who are in could hoots with the medical industry, things like that. these scientists are good people, they try to do god's work and they're predicting down the road we might see certain mutations of flu viruses which might be quite deadly, so we have to always be informed and be on the lookout. gregg: you can also get it, a lot of people can take it in the nasal spray form. >> absolutely. pregnant women cannot take that, small children cannot take that, so you have to talk to your primary care doctor about that. gregg you can even go to the drugstore! >> you can get yourself one of those birthday cards, now, when you have a birthday, you can literally go to any pharmaceutical chain, they have the birthday card and the vaccination gift inside that happy birthday card! so it's a gift, you can send it for the holidays, you can
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send it for any time. now it's very easy. gregg: my wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days, now i know what to get my wife! >> there you go. gregg: you want to promote this, because this is terrific. tune in 3:00 p.m. eastern, fox news, winning the war on cancer, hosted by dr. manny and dr. sanara kumer, at 3:00 -- at three, then it repeats at # o'clock at night. you want to check that out. thank you sir, get that flu shot. >> we'll do. jamie: -- jamie: as a wedding, anniversary present, not going to fly! >> gregg: springing for the big time. jamie: what a sport! meantime, college thaoets -- athletes hoping for a heart in -- for a start in their career. sitting on the sidelines is called red shirting. believe it or not, some parents think that same strategy could work for their kindergarten-age children, they're keeping
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them home, hoping the extra year will give them a stronger start in school. is that a smart move? dr. keith ab below, from the fox news medical a team, dr. ablow, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you jamie. jamie: is there science behind the fact that if you let your child start later they will do better? >> well, look, there's really conflicting data. there was a study back in 2006 that suggested that the youngest kid in any grade actually who started young, that they actually lagged behind their classmates through the eighth grade, and that they really did suffer for that early start. in another study in 2010 showed no such correlation so there isn't hard data you can rely on to make your decision. jamie: also child care costs are an issue because if you keep your child home for an extra year it's going to cost money, so you have to weigh the investment. do boys do better than girls or vice versa if they are kept back a year? >> well, you know, there's
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not a gender preference here. what is clear is that people tend to hold their boys back a little bit more, and if you go back 40 years, you would have seen 96 percent of six-year-olds enrolled in kindergarten. now, what you're going to see is only 84 percent. so this is a growing phenomenon. and while there isn't a gender prejudice digs here -- prejudice in terms of who you should hold back, what's clear is people need to look individually i think at their own children, because right now, red shirting is prevalent enough it's a decision that every parent has to make if your kid is one of the younger kids in the grade and it has to be based on them individually. jamie: speaking of individually, based on experience, i started college at 14, i heard you started pretty early, too. for some people, it works out. it's definitely not for everyone. agreed? >> absolutely agreed. look n. my case, it wasn't
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devastating by any means. but i think i had more anxiety starting younger than i would have had if i had held on a year. look, i think you look at things like is this the first child in a family to go to school, what's the personality of that child, what's the physical size of your child. if you -- are they going to be seen as especially short when the youngest in the grade, you want to give them a little time to catch up, and poll yourself, because look, the worst reason to hold a child back would be because you yourself are anxious about letting go and giving that child autonomy. so it really needs to be a complete look at the entire family and that individual kid in order to make the best decision. jamie: that's great advice. fortunately you have the degree to work out any problems they may have left over. thank you, doctor. take care, thanks. that's good information. can't believe that it's catching on. red shirting for kindergartners. they were injured and nearly died in the gulf oil spill. remember that pelicans?
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six of them, they were covered in oil. they are now starting their new life in arizona. ksaz's diane ryan is live at the scene with that story. hi diane. >> good morning. it's a very happy morning here at the phoenix zoo. a lot of people got up early to see this. take a look behind me. these are six of the american white pelicans that have just found a new home at the phoenix zoo. they are in an exhibit, wetland exhibit, it's on 3 acres, these guys came here from the gulf coast, rescued from that oil spill. apparently they had problems with their wings, so they weren't able to get away from that oil spill as it came toward them, so they were rescued and they were at the jackson zoo in mississippi for a while, and then they came here, and they were quarantined for about a month and just released. we're talking minutes ago, here. and they're kind of getting used to their scenery. with me is dan sabados with the phoenix zoo, and you
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were saying they look like they're pretty happy. >> oh yeah, i think they're really happy to see this large body of water in front of them and once they take to that they should feel right at home. >> reporter: how will you know when they're right at home? >> when they feel like eat ago full bellyful of fish. >> they're trying to figure it out. they did take a swim earlier but now they seem to be walking around, checking it out and they'll probably be doing this for a while. >> it will take them a while to get used to the exhibit. we don't want to worry them too much. we want them to take their time, they'll discover the place a little ate a -- at a time and then add more birds to them to keep them company. >> they'll add other birds, too, cranes and flamingos. this is a big day at the zoo, a lot of people getting here early, as you can see, people around me with cameras, coming to check out the new folks that are going to be here at the zoo, the new birds here. jamie: diane, that is a great report, thank you very much, live from phoenix. thank you.
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gregg: a chilling new report that iran is funding terror attacks on our troops in afghanistan, putting a price on the head of each american soldier killed by the taliban and how iran is expanding its reach across the middle east. and there's this: >> he's got rhythm and soul and he's in the record books. he's officially the world's smallest man. who he is, and how big he is. really, the whole story, coming up.
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jamie: bottom of the hourbs here's what's happening right now. president obama is head to go milwaukee today. we're awaiting his departure from the white house. he's set to make remarks on the economy, part of the big push ahead of the mid-term elections, now just two months away. hurricane watches are issued for the coast of texas and mexico, ahead of tropical storm hermine. packing winds already of more than 50 miles an hour. could get stronger before making landfall. gregg: last year you may recall in eastern afghanistan the cia suffering the worst blow in its long history. a trusted informant who turned out to be a jordanian double agent blew himself up at an outpost, killing seven cia agents last december. now, a former cia officer and his wife are coming out from behind the shadows to honor the victims and their families back here on u.s. soil.
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national correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. catherine, why are they doing this cross country ride? >> reporter: well, they're doing the ride because in many respects, going across the country was always on the bucket list, but with the suicide bombing in afghanistan last december, the former cia officer and his wife had a season to ride. raising money for the cia families left behind after the seven were killed and ideally they want to raise money for two scholarships because many of the familiar less and officers' families are now missing moms and dads. >> these were people that i felt a real affinity for, that this could have been me, this could have been me left behind. and my children left behind. >> to me, this ride is about saying something to them. these families were special. >> they loved you, and they're doing something for your country. >> they begins
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september 11th in florida and will wrap up in san diego, october 27th. it's interesting, because now they've got a website, and a lot of the families that were connected to the former cia officers, members of the military and others who are going to join them along the way, and they could especially use help, they said, getting over those mountains coming into san diego, gregg. gregg: indeed. as you point out the richards are raising money for the cia officers memorial fund. tell us more about that fund. >> reporter: well, the fund has not gotten a lot of publicity in the fast but they did speak with fox about the ride and why it was important to raise money for the kids and the spouses who were left behind. a cia officer says you don't realize they were the first into afghanistan after 9/11 and the first forces killed in afghanistan was a cia officer, mike span. after khost, there are seven new stars that have been chiseled into the memorial wall at cia headquarters. there are now 102. each one is for an agency
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employee who died in the line of duty and there are 22 since al-qaeda attacked the twin tower, the pentagon in pennsylvania, and for context, after the bombing in khost, about a dozen kids were now without a parent or spouse, and what the fund does is raise money to help give them an education and in some cases, the spouses need for this to go back to school themselves to reenter the work force and they've been taking that up, and what they see now in the years ahead is that this demand is not going to lessen, it will continue to increase, gregg. gregg: catherine herridge live in washington, thanks. >> you're welcome. jamie: there's word today, gregg, of a new link between iran and the taliban, as if we needed another one. the sunday times of london is reporting that iranian financial firms are now actually paying taliban fighters $1000 a head for each u.s. soldier they kill in afghanistan, and there are other cash incentives
11:38 am
too for terror attacks against americans on the battlefield, 6000 if they take out an armoured vehicle. joining me, retired general bob scales, fox news analyst, general scales, good to see you. >> hi jamie. jamie: i don't like this story at all because we know iran is meddling in the background, they have every incentive in the world to keep the region unstable and now as i understand this report they're setting up legitimate business necessary kabul with offices and if a taliban fighter comes in, they get pretty big bucks. what can we do about it? >> well, this is a pattern of behavior, as you know, jamie, that the iranians have been doing now for decades. remember, they were the ones who supported hezbollah in the lebanon war in 2006 with rockets and money and training, they were the ones who supplied high-tech i.e.d.s that killed so many soldiers in iraq, they were the ones that exchanged arms and ammunition for heroin product necessary afghanistan. so this is just the latest
11:39 am
and the most despicable aspects of a pattern of behavior that they've been doing now for some time. they have a national security plan, i believe, working through their surrogates in afghanistan to expand their influence throughout the middle east, and this is just one more, the latest way, jamie, that the iranians have used to begin to influence the war against the united states. it's in their best interest for the united states to leave the region soon so the iranians can fill the vacuum. jamie: they're listening, that only makes us stronger. meantime, you and i have a chance to talk about each of the individual things that iran is doing in the background, every time we speak, but as a whole, what is their goal, what do they really think they can accomplish? do they not know we're serious and that's why we're there? >> well, they have really three goals. one, of course, is to destroy israel. we all know that. secondly is to expel the united states from the region so they can fill the power vacuum.
11:40 am
and three is to topple moderate arab regimes in the region so they can destabilize the region and expand their control from literally lebanon all the way across to pakistan. that's their national goal, their national strategic plan. as you know, many arabs in the region, in particular, don't trust the iranians because as you know, they're shia rather than sunni muslims, they come from a different culture, they have been meddling in mideastern affairs for hundreds of years, so they have a tough way to go in the future, but their game plan i think is evident. jamie, and that's before they get nuclear weapons. jamie: i'm glad you raised that because just crossing the wires right now, according to a nuclear watchdog report out of the u.n., this just crossing, that iran's total production of low enriched uranium has risen by around 15 percent. so they're busy doing that as well, on top of this. >> right. jamie: we need to pay very
11:41 am
close attention to this. but no doubt about it, in your mind, is our military at further risk by this new report about paying taliban fighters to take out americans? >> kwroerbgs i don't think there's any question, jamie. remember now, the main incentive for the rank and file taliban is to earn money through terrorism, because this is a poor country, the taliban are illiterate, most of them farmers, and 100 bucks for anything is a lot of money. one thousand bucks is a fortune. six thousand bucks makes them rich. so anything that the iranians can do to sort of stir the pot by paying off the taliban to kill americans furthers their national security agenda in the region, and frankly, it's a despicable act, but it's certainly part of the consistent pattern of behavior. jamie: it certainly has been consistent. general scales, thank you very much. and have a good day today. >> thank you jamie. jamie: gregg? >> gregg: meet the world's shortest man. the guinness book of world records just certified that
11:42 am
24-year-old edward nino hernandez has that title. he lives in colombia and stands less than 2 1/2 feet tall. hernandez's mother says he stopped growing at age two. she doesn't know why. nobody does. and yes, he has a girlfriend, she's nearly 5 feet tall, but hernandez may not hold the record much longer. another contender for the title turns 18 in october. you got to be 18 to qualify. jamie: the gulf coast is bracing for some more nasty weather. tropical storm hermine is making its way toward land, sparking hurricane watches already in at least one state. we're going to have a live update from the fox extreme weather center. that's coming up for you next. and new video of a daring rescue. check out this video. sheriff's deputies pull a man out of that burning car. we're going to tell you how the man is doing. wow! just ahead.
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jaime new next hour, he's facing trial for the murder
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of one young woman and he's the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway. what your -- what joran van der sloot is now admiting in a jailhouse interview, according to a report. and they're not even engaged yet. so why already is there speculation heating up about when prince william and his girlfriend, kate, will tie the knot? we are live in london the royal wedding watch. plus getting up close and personal with the son. it hasn't been done. but we're going to tell you about nasa's newest mission and the mysteries it hopes to unlock. gregg: the texas coastline is bracing for pretty rough weather as tropical storm hermine moves to the kufl of mexico. a hurricane watch now in effect for parts of the south texas coastline and our meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center with the very latest. hey j.d. >> reporter: helly gregg. i was hoping for a quiet labor day but overnight, look at what popped up and this is a well developed
11:47 am
storm and it's a good thing we don't have a lot of time across the gulf of mexico waters because we would probably be dealing with a large hurricane, but this thing is scheduled to make landfall over night tonight, somewhere between north mexico and south texas. you can already see the heavy rains moving into south texas, even up towards houston. that's going to be the legacy of the storm is the rain, easily 2-4 inches, in some cases, 5-10, in isolated amounts. so this is going to be a flooding situation most definitely overnight tonight, into wednesday. there's the path of hermine, as we go through tuesday, possibly making landfall we think overnight tonight, anywhere from north texas to south texas. so brownsville, you're in that cone of uncertainty. we don't think this could be a hurricane but it will be close. close to 70-mile per hour sustained winds, once it makes landfall but it will be a quick mover. that is the good news and of course the hurricane advisory is up from south texas, brownsville, all the way to bathon bay in
11:48 am
anticipation of the landfall overnight -- to baffin bay. we also have gateau that could strength then the next couple of days, so a busy one in the tropics. gregg: getting very exotic, hermine and gastol! >> >> reporter: i had to check but it is hermine. gregg: i wonder if you can find someone who has that kid! >> reporter: maybe in harry potter! gregg: i'll ask my daughter. jamie: i is next, you can start working on that one. hats off to our folks at the weather news channel over the last few weeks, i got to say. meanwhile, what a daring rescue in georgia, sheriff's deputies risk their lives to pull a man from a burning car. see it on the lower righthand side of your screen. this is from the dash cam, brand new video, deputies
11:49 am
braving several explosions as they work to save the 56-year-old driver. yeah, they're still going in there, see? no fire extinguishers, just a flashlight. they airlifted the man to a nearby hospital. gregg: israel says an explosion in lebanon was caused by hezbollah, accidently blowing up its own weapons stash. that would mean that essentially hezbollah is violating a united nations resolution. we're going to show you drones, just moments after the blast. they call her the black widow when it comes to professional eating. that is why, well, she chews up the competition. what she khoud down to break the record in buffalo's famed wing festival. look, she's 105 pounds soaking wet! how does she do that? the black widow is live with us, coming up next.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
gregg welcome back. a tiny woman with a big appetite showing the boys how it's done. sonya thomas, a.k.a. the black widow of eating contests, winning the national chicken wing competition in buffalo, new york this weekend. she weighs in at 105 pounds! but sonya managed to gobble down 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes. sonya thomas, the black widow, joins us now live. sonya, thank you very much for being with us today. i got to ask the obvious question, first, how in the world did you do it? >> chicken wings is my favorite for a competition, so anyway, i just did it! gregg: i mean, what's your trick? you're really fast with your fingers and hands? what -- >> yes. yes, i am, yes. especially chicken wings.
11:54 am
i have to use my fingers to push down the meat from the bone, and then just the eating. that's my specialty. gregg: and you beat joey chestnut for goodness sakes of hot dog fame in coney island. how many did he eat? >> he ate about 6.5 pounds. it looks like about 159 chicken wings in 12 minutes. gregg: is there a trick like with the throat muscles, you somehow loosen those up? >> yes. you have to use the fingers, losing the meat, then you can use it to eat the meat. maybe that's why i take advantage of this part, and then another part is he has more pressure than me. i'm kind of an underdog and he's the world's favorite eater so i have less pressure.
11:55 am
gregg: you're also very good at oysters, hard boiled eggs, cheesecake and hal ino peppers? >> like oysters, it's hand speed, too, and chicken wings and jalapenos, yes. so some kind of food as that. >> gregg: do you ever worry about signaling a bone or anything like that, my goodness? >> oh, no, because i know myself, and i don't want to take a chance to get dangerous with myself, so i use my fingers with the meat, and then i swallow water. gregg: and you said its skwr* -- it was just an appetizer, you were still hungry and had another 20 more at another hot wing eating contest. >> hot wings makesny full because i drink a lot of water. only 20 wings. but i drink about three or four bottles of water and it makes me full after that. gregg: kids, don't try this
11:56 am
at home. sonya thomas is the black widow, thank you very much, good luck to you. >> thank you. gregg: i'm getting full just -- >> jamie: i think it sounds dangerous! gregg: i had a salad last night and i had to down about 5tums afterwards. i don't know how they does it. jamie: amazing and she's so pete eat. that was fun. a more serious note, a massive cleanup is underway in new zealand, the pictures are stunning after a 7.1 earthquake reduced a big city there, christ church, to rubble, but despite all the destruction, they're calling it a miracle. we're going to tell you why. also, the trial is about to start in the 1998 terror bombings of two embassies, u.s. ones, in africa. and prosecutors may have to go forward without some key witnesses. we're going to tell you why. it's pretty surprising. stay with us. pwpwpspwpspw@s@a
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
gregg: hello, everyone, i'm greg garrett in for jon scott jamie: i'm jaime kolbe in for jenna lee. there are new poll numbers showing what americans are thinking about this labor day, their jobs and the economy. americans very concerned, that means everyone in washington should be worried two. julie ban dare as with new numbers. >> reporter: americans are extremely concerned about not only jobs or lack there of but government spending. president obama today will be aeu doctoring -- addressing those concerns by announcing an infrastructure proposal that he says will create more jobs as early as skwrebgs year. a live look at the white house where president obama is expected to leave in about a half an hour for milwaukee. there he will be unveiling a present postal that will spend at least $50 billion on our nation's roads, railways and runways. the latest fox news dynamics polls show the following, 43%
12:01 pm
are extremely concerned about unemployment, even more 45% say it is government spending that is keeping them up at night. the obama administration promising this new proposal would put construction workers, electric tracings -- electricians and welders back to work. intrastructure jobs was a part of obama's $800 billion stimulus plan. 57% do not. one in three, 37% think the stimulus plan has helped the economy so far. there's been discussion about whether the 800 billion-dollar plan wasn't big enough to give the economy the boost it needs. 24% of those polled say they'd like to spend the government to spend more on another one. 70% says it would not. the white house insists the second sometim stimulus plan isn the works. 47 say the plan has made it worse, 46 percent say it's better.
12:02 pm
had john mccain been elected would we be better any off. few feel we would have fa r-rbg ed under john mccain. under half says the economy would be the same today if mccain was president. this is the first of a series of investments the white house is expected to unveil ahead of the november election. we'll carry the president's remarks live this afternoon at 3 clock pm eastern time. gregg: worries about jobs could cost some democrats their seats come november. more and more the question seems to be not if democrats will loose seats but how many. david drucek is a news reporter. david sabato is pretty good at predicting things. he says republicans have a good chance to win the house by picking up as many as 47 seats. is that your sense? >> my sense is greg if the
12:03 pm
rehrebgs were held today republicans would win control of the house and do extremely well in the senate. they might not pick up the majority there but they would do well. the key is that is if the election were held today. we are going into almost two months of heavy campaigning where the democrats have a lot of money, they are going to push back, the president will push back, they'll have a message that is going to compete with the republicans and i think it may affect how many seats republicans today. at the end of the day i think they are going to win a lot of seats. gregg: look, david the economic conditions will not likely change much over the next 58 days before the midterm. unemployment rose to 9.6%. the under der employed a staggering 18.6%. even if the president unveils a flurry of new ideas is it too late to change the outcome of the midterms in any meaningful way? >> i think that it is. i think that the things that the president unveils between now and over the next couple of weeks, people will look at and
12:04 pm
say, you know what i hope it works. some of this sounds good, some of it not so good. overall let's give it a chance to make it work. they are not going to give it a chance in the way the democrats would like which would be to say, hey we really like these proposal, we therefore like you, we are going to vote for more of you than we were before you unveiled these. i think the time for that has passed when the president really should have done this to have a better effect on the elections right after his state of the union address when he vowed to really focus on jobs. so at this point it can help stem a few losses but republicans are still going to have a good day. gregg: here is the thing in a few hours the president is going to be delivering thinks speech unveiling his latest plan a $50 billion infusion of government spending of infrastructure building roads and airports. isn't that exactly what the
12:05 pm
president sold the public on in his first stimulus bill, $800 plus and what most americans regard as a failure? >> i it is. i think it's part of the job. they will go, i hope it works and i hope i get a job on one of these projects, but didn't we try this and how do we know it's going to work? as i've been saying the past couple of weeks, greg, the issue is this, people would like the president's proceed always to work. it is no longer enough for him to propose these things to gain their support in order tore democrats running for congress to gain their support. democrats and the president are at a point where they'll need to see results and only through big results are they going to come around. and we don't have enough time between now and november 2nd for these results to materialize. gregg: let me be fair here because republican senator john mccain appeared on fox news sunday with chris wallace and he said, you know, republicans, our party has to come up with an economic plan similar to the
12:06 pm
contract of american. my goodness we are two years into this recession now, isn't it a little late, shouldn't the republican leadership have done that a longtime ago and perhaps their failure to do so means they don't have any good ideas either? >> i don't think the republicans needed to do so earlier simply because they are the minority, they don't control anything on capitol hill, they don't have the white house. i think the expectations were different between voters. i would say sometime between now and the elections, end of september, first week of october at the latest republicans need to come forward with a governing document that give voters throughout the country an idea of what republican leadership on capitol hill would look like. i wouldn't make it too specific because they don't want to interfere with all the individual house and senate campaigns where you have very different candidates saying very different things throughout the country. they need to give voters a sense of what they would offer from a leadership perspective and
12:07 pm
philosophical perspective. i think that is enough. if republicans win the house of representatives or the senate or one of those chambers everything changes. they will have to be much more specific and proab tiff and offering solutions and propose as -- proposals. until they run something i don't think voterser going to care as much about what they have to say. gregg: thank you. >> thank you jamie: the unemployment rate has been hovering around 10% for months now. that is nothing compared to iraq where estimates put unemployment there as high as 30%. to help the u.s. government is pumping millions of dollars to create jobs and get the country back on its feet. melanie wilkes is streaming live from baghdad, tell us more. >> reporter: the official unemployment rate according to u.s. officials is around 18%, unofficial estimates put it around 30% after seven years of war. that's why the u.s. has programs to encourage lending to small businesses and to stimulate job
12:08 pm
creation. that should found familiar. and the u.s. says this used to be a state-run economy and part of the goal is to unleash the power of the private sector. with temperatures still in the triple digits demand is high for this man's services. he installs and repairs car air conditioners at his baghdad stop. he added staff and expanded his business after getting a $6,000 loan thanks to the u.s. agency for international development. >> before there were only two workers. now i have six workers. i bought more spare parts. >> reporter: medium and small businesses and individual entrepreneurs can get the loans through rerack key banks and nonprofit organizations. even a few hundred dollars can make a difference. >> a small business needs someone to help him continue this project or to be big more and more. we give him the opportunity. >> reporter: why spend money creating jobs in iraq when we
12:09 pm
have our own problems with high unemployment at home. the u.s. thinks it helps contribute to security. >> this is a critical time in iraq. security in iraq is part of our interest in iraq. >> reporter: americans are our brothers, they help us, they give us these loans i will never forget this favor. >> reporter: in 2003 necessity say the lending programs have created 65,000 jobs at a total cost of tax -- to taxpayers of $80 million. they say this is a modest investment because this is self sustaining funds that has $80 million in loans interest rate 12 to 15%. the u.s. that's the market rate that's where you have to set it if the programs are going to sustain after the americans pull out. jaime jamie: thank you. gregg: the u.s. military expects to spend billions of dollars training afghan troops. the pentagon estimating that job will cost about $6 billion a year through at least 2015.
12:10 pm
now a nato training document alleges and acknowledges that afghanistan will largely depend on the united states for security for years to come, and that could become a problem for president obama as he seeks more fending for the war from congress jamie: security concerns are now forcing tony blair to cancel a booksigning in london this week. the former preut i shall prime minister saying his appearance would cost the police force too much money and create extra work. protesters showing up at a recent booksigning, they even through shoes at him saying they are upset with blair's decision to join the u.s. invasion of iraq in 2003. he defends his decision, supports the troops and the invasion. gregg: new zealand facing the largest cleanup after the biggest earthquake in years. it devastated the city of church
12:11 pm
christ church on saturday. a new 11-foot fault line has appeared in the earth's surface. the p- powerful quake caused $1.4 billion in damage. nobody was killed and two people were seriously injured jamie: new questions about a key witness is expected to take the stand in the u.s. embassy bombing trial. the u.s. officials are in dispute as to why he is about to come clean. we will take a look. look at this couple,. gregg: they are a cute couple jamie: they are so cute and it seems like they are going to get married. new hraouplers -- rumors that prince william and his girlfriend kate middleton could be tying the knot soon. keep it on fox, we'll let you know. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
12:12 pm
is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in.
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woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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gregg: welcome back, "happening now" in the top box the packs
12:15 pm
stanee taliban claiming responsibility for a homicide bombing close to a police station. 17 people were killed, dozens more wounded. the middle box a national day of mourning in tkpwault as more bad weather forces crews to suspend a search for survivors. the bottom box, commuters in london brace for travel headaches as underground workers are going to walk off the jobs tonight jamie: the big question in england is about popping the question, whether prince william has had kate middleton to marry him, such a beautiful couple. i understand there is real buzz about a possible royal wedding. >> reporter: there is endless speculation about it here. i know on your side of the pond here, because everybody loves a wewedding and thinks a very attractive couple. i'm not even sure if the royal secret is locked up behind me in
12:16 pm
the big palace or whether anybody knows other than the two people involved. the latest in all of this is prince william is doing search and rescue pilot training. he's about to wrap it up. he's going to be moving to a military barracks reportedly which means all of the observers say the wedding will likely be put off longer. everyone expects them to get married, they've been together seven years. they are basically living together now in wails aspirins william does his search and rescue pry lot training, but that is not so dramatic, because they have been living together since they were students at st. andrews university when they met. if this doesn't happen in 2011 the chances are it's likely to happen in 2013 the experts say. 2012 is very busy from the
12:17 pm
olympics to the queen's diamond jubilee. jamie: what would it mean for the people there to see this wedding? i know it would be exciting for us. >> reporter: it would be very exciting. the speculation among again the experts, i mean the royals do keep this all very close to the vest, but the speculation is that it would probably happen at st. george's chapel at windsor class he will. it would be frustrating for viewers, there would be less access. windsor is a bit outside of the city. again, the date, the year, 2011 is what everyone is putting their money on right now, so, jaime the leading london book maker is no longer even taking bets on the year, they are taking bets on the month and the honeymoon destination. near is what someone at the
12:18 pm
leading book maker had to say. >> tanzania went to second favorite. the reason being i understand that kate has told friends in the past where she could choose anywhere or do anything on her honeymoon perhaps a safari was what she wanted to do. you have las vegas a hundred to 1. florida, disneyland, 250 to 1. >> reporter: people,. jamie: mere talking about what sort of dress kate middleton might wear. it's quite common for royal bride's to choose a dress maker of their own liking not an established one and make that designer a star. there is talk about what format it would take. traditional lee the royal family had a royal breakfast which is more like a lunch. william and kate being quite social animals probably would want to dancing into the night so people expect. we don't know. one royal expert said to me that because late middleton's parents
12:19 pm
own party pieces, it's a very successful party company, they plan parties that she might want a theme. a royal wedding already has a theme. unlike the wedding of prince charles and princess diana this is likely to be a more low key event, a because the marriage ended unhappily and a lot of uma pemmaraju the royal wedding is not the focal life of royal life. and with the recession upon us it's likely to be a little more key, jaime jamie: we are guessing no paper plates even though they own a party plate. >> reporter: i don't think so jamie: thank you. we are available, we'll fly over. gregg: i have my dancing shoes, i'm all set to go, just need a ticket. a man says he is ready to come clean about his dealings with al-qaida and testify against a suspect in this deadly u.s. embassy bombing but now he may
12:20 pm
never appear in court. we'll explain why. and john travolta putting an end to a painful chapter in his life, the latest on the trial of those accused of trying to extort money from him.
12:21 pm
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gregg: welcome back. attorneys are now in a dispute over a witness at the trial of a u.s. embassy bombing suspect. back in 1998 terror attacks on our embassies on kenya and tan today kwraoe knee a killed 2224 people including 12 americans. a key witness in the case breaking down and allegedly saying he would testify after being interrogated by the f.b.i. a federal judge may stop him from ever taking the witness stand. hets have a fair & balanced
12:24 pm
debate about this. good to see you both. >> thanks for having me. gregg: the exclusionary rule is bedrock in federal civilian courts. evidence obtained illegally, let's say through coercion is inadmissible. if they found out about this witness through an illegal interrogation, illegal in federal court but not so in military tribunals, this witness cannot be called can he. >> correct he cannot be. the defense has seized on this notion that the statements -- the witness was found in violation of his constitutional rights. this is what happens when you make the decision that *ur going to afford the constitutional people rights to people like galani. you can't pull the pin out of the grenade and say, wow it went boom. it's conceivable to me that this witness may never see the inside
12:25 pm
of a courtroom. the judge has already rejected most of the government's arguments in this case and left them the opportunity to show that there is some attenuation. gregg: tele, prosecutors have made a couple of arguments, one is, well we would have inevitably found this witness, that is unknowable and unprovable. and the other argument is that the witness agreed to appear voluntarily. so what? that doesn't negate the exclusionary rule. >> absolutely, you're right that doesn't negate it. and it's not about the witnesses' rights in this. he could take the fifth amendment if he was somehow complicit. this isn't about him. the defendant unfortunately in our society, even if he's being charged with being a terrorist, a bombings he has the right to protections as you said in a civil tribunal. because this was deemed illicitly that the f.b.i. interrogated this guy, this witness wasn't somebody that they knew about it's likely he's not going to get in. >> but, kelly your words, in this society, that is why -- this is what happens when we
12:26 pm
decide to extend the constitutional rights beyond our society and now we are compromised in our ability to prosecute a guy who killed 224 people. >> i don't disagree. gregg: let's extend to this ka lead sha*eubg mohammed -- khlid sheik mohammed. all of the evidence obtained from him, all of it is explowedded. >> it is, it's subject to exclusion. >> and that's a big problem. it's a big problem in our society. i absolutely agree with you. but if we're going to try them like we are at a time of war we need to do that and those rules need to go out the window. unfortunately we haven't made that declaration. they are afforded the protections that our society was founded on. gregg: the other thing that you've got here fred is there there is a famous supreme court case, if the government treats a defendant in a way that shocks the conscience, the judge. >> correct. gregg: can dismiss the entire
12:27 pm
case. >> he can. gregg: that argument was made in this particular case, but it's certainly going to be made against khalid sheik ma whom eud. he could have his entire case dismiss -pbt couldn't he. >> he could. i thought the judge was intellectually honest, he said you're going to apply the fourth amendment rights, i'm going to follow where the law leads me. what does the administration do when he gets the charges thrown out against him, now what do we do. gregg: i'm going to let kelly have the last word on this. shocking under federal court rules is one thing, it's not so shocking in time of war with terrorists captured on the battle field. isn't that the critical difference here that eric holder neither to distinguish. >> that is the hundred percent difference. people that come into our country that do terrorist acts should not be afforded the same protection.
12:28 pm
unfortunately they h-r, but they should not be, they are not citizens and don't deserve our rights. gregg: thank you. >> thank you for having us jamie: shock new video showing hezbollah may have a secret facility in violation of a u.s. rest loose. we'll show you more of this video captured by israeli drones. joran van der sloot back making headlines again. what the murder suspect admitted in a jailhouse interview, according to amsterdam newspapers in peru. pwpwpspwpspwa
12:29 pm
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jaime welcome back, everybody. bottom of the hours, here's what's happening right now. tracking tropical storm hermine, forecasters say they're worried it could strengthen and slam the gulf coast. a hurricane watch, already issued for parts of texas and mexico. and the u.n.'s atomic agency says it's not getting the kind of access it needs to review iran's nuclear program, amid a new report being released thatter ran has enough enriched uranium to make three nuclear bombs. gregg: one of the first nine black students to enroll in a de segregated arkansas school has died. jefferson thomas, he was 68 years old, he was a high school student back in 1957 and that's when then-president eisenhower dispatched the 101st airborne to escort him and other black students to little rock central high school. no word on the cause of
12:33 pm
death. jamie: america's largest labor day picnic officially kicking off the 2010 mid-term campaign season. unions, taking center stage in the buckeye state of ohio, but this year, especially important were some highly competitive races and so americans out of work. carl cameron live in cincinnati, set the scene for us, what's going on there? >> reporter: well, labor day is always the traditional fall sprint to election day and labor unions are always a big part of the democratic vote. last year when president obama came to this fair it was raining at this picnic and there were almost 15,000 people who showed up in the rain. today they're expecting more. it's been underway 20 years and it is a consolidation of labor power. the headliner is governor ted strickland, running for reelection and governors tend to have the strongest political organizations of any politician in the state because they can reach into
12:34 pm
the grassroots most effectively as the state's chief executive and in recent polls strickland looks like he could be having trouble. the republican challenge is john caseic, former congressman, and he has pulled to a double digit lead in some of the polls against strickland, suggesting this very important governorship is very much in jeopardy and it's not just for the governor's race. in the u.s. and senate race the current u.s. republican occupant of the seat, senator voinovich is retiring, it's an epseat and for that race it looks like republicans have an edge to rob portman, former congressman and bush administration official, has a double digit lead over lieutenant governor lee fisher who is of course serving with governor strickland in office right now. there's also a handful of house races in which democratic incumbents are facing a particularly tough time because as everybody says here the issue is jobs and the economy and the unemployment rate is over 10 percent. jamie: given that how does that issue ply out among the union? >> it's bad. when people are losing their jobs in a state like ohio where there's an steady erosion of the manufacturing
12:35 pm
base by definition, labor unions are losing jobs, too. that means their members are being diminished, the labor union movement has been struggling with political effectiveness in the past few years, there have been divisions within it, for instance, between the fdiu, service employees international union and the afl-cio, which is a more traditional, sort of grandfather overarching group of labor unions, so all of that has contributed to problems. while their resources and their membership has been diminishing, however, their political spending has been skyrocketing. in the last election, in 2008, ask me, the american federation of county and municipal employees, spent 56 -- nearly $67 million, that was for the congressional and presidential races and this year they're expected to spend $50 million on the mid terms and the afl-cio is going to toss in another $40 million, so lots of money coming from labor unions to help democratic candidates, notwithstanding the fact that labor jobs and the labor union movement has taken a real hit in recent
12:36 pm
years. jamie: all on labor day at the all-important picnic in cincinnati, carl cameron, good to see you, thanks. >> you bet. gregg: brand new surveillance videotape is showing a weapons facility that is not supposed to exist. the new video just into fox news from israeli defense, showing a building in southern lebanon, just minutes after an explosion. the building, believed to contain a large stash of hezbollah rockets. israeli video says this tape proves that hezbollah is violating the united nations resolutions. leland vitter is developing this story live from jerusalem. leland, what, if anything, does this video mean for peace in the region? >> reporter: well, it certainly is a good thing, gregg. the video brings up a couple of issues. first off as you hinted out, where this video is shot in southern lebanon is supposed to be off limits for hezbollah fighters, a weapons cache would be a clear violation of the u.n. resolutions that ended the lebanon war back in 2006. second of all what you don't
12:37 pm
see in the video, nobody is trying to put the fire out. all they seem to be concerned about is tearing those huge boxes out. the israeli military says those big boxes contain a lot of missiles. now, also, you don't see the lebanese army there, who typically shows up, or the u.n. force there that's supposed to monitor the situation. it all goes back to what israel has been saying for a while, which is not only is when hezbollah that controls lebanon, they're also gearing up and rearming for another war. gregg: leland, as this is happening on israel's northern border, how are things going along on the peace talks with the palestinians in the west bank in gaza? >> reporter: well, gregg, as you might remember, last week, when everybody left washington, they had big smiles on their faces from the peace talks, looked like pwerp best -- they were best friends, since then things have gone downhole quick, the foreign minister of israel says he didn't expect to have a peace agreement this year, next decade or the next decade. the palestinian leader, of
12:38 pm
the president's party, said prime minister netanyahu was a, quote, nut job and what we're seeing is something we've seen in peace talks before, the hardliners in both governments are trying to start to pull their parties to the right in the press so what's happening at the peace talks, everybody talks about what was said about them in the newspapers rather than actually the issues involved. gregg: leland vitter live in jerusalem, legalland, thank you very much. jamie: a new hurricane watch just issued for the coast of southern texas. tropical storm hermine, picking up power as it heads towards the border between texas and mexico, and janice dean, keeping a very close watch on this from the fox extreme weather center. what's the latest j.d.? reporter remember we got an e-mail earlier on from a viewer that says hermine is the correct pronounceiation of this particular storm's name. let's take a look at the storm right now. this is a very strong tropical storm, and if it stays across the gulf of mexico waters, we could see a stronger storm.
12:39 pm
but the good news is it's going to be a quick mover, it's going to move inland overnight tonight. but look at the water temperatures. 85 degrees, # 6 degrees. so anything over this water temperature is going to strengthen. but again, it's very close to the coast. we're expecting it to make landfall. so not a lot of time over that we warm weather. there's where we're dealing with, the potential for rain. let's take a look at our future radar as we go further out in time. we're thinking an overnight landfall, somewhere between south texas, northeastern mexico, and look at all of the rainfall making its way into brownsville towards corpus christi and houston, texas and austin, you're going to get in on some of this rainfall, anywhere from 3-5 inches, isolated amounts of upwards of 8-10 inches of rain, especially in the mountainous regions. so this is going to be a flooding event more than anything. there's your path as of 11:00. we get a new advisory at 2:00 p.m. they might even strengthen it further. we think it's going to be close to hurricane strength and that's why we have those
12:40 pm
advisories, those hurricane watches out from brownsville up towards baffin bay, texas. not a hurricane, but very close to it as it -- as it eventually makes landfall over night tonight and we'll keep you posted on the watches and warnings and when that advisory comes in, you'll be the first to know. jamie: at the weather center, all over t. and it is bill in jackson, mississippi who wrote us, and he knows hermine better than anyone. gregg, i can imagine. because his grandmother, aunt, sister, and niece are all named hermine! reporter it's making a comeback. jamie: for real? >> gregg: i never heard of it. it has double etimolog, both german and french and used frequently in armenia. jamie: they'll have a more unusual name compared to the rest of the family. gregg: charges dismiss an extortion case from the death of john travolta's son, jett. we'll take a look at why the actor may have wanted to put
12:41 pm
an end to the case. >> up close and personal with the son, we'll tell you about nasa's latest mission and the mysteries it hopes to unlock.
12:42 pm
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12:44 pm
reporter hello, everybody, i'm harris faulkner and rick folbau phufplt and we're filling in for megyn kelly. the democrats pushing for a spending bill for road infrastructure and tax cuts, so they say. is it estimateless-light? we'll debate fair and billion dollars. >> you think the democrats are going to be running on health care reform and that new health care overhaul that was passed? maybe not so much. why? because there might be a lot of problems with it. we're going to talk to one of our doctors from the fox medical a team who's going to give us his diagnosis on health health care overhaul when we see you at the top of the hour. gregg: new reports revealing joran van der sloot made a chilling con tpregs inside a peruvian jail cell, a dutch
12:45 pm
newspaper now saying the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway admits extorting $250,000 from her parents in exchange for telling them where she's buried. in an interview van der sloot reportedly said, quote, when they offer to pay for the girl's location, i thought why not. prosecutors say it turns out he was lying to get the money. holloway was last seen alive with van der sloot in aruba back in 200 five, per peruvian police say he confessed to murdering stephanie flores in a hotel in may. he's awaiting trial on those charges. jamie: case dismissed in a trial against two trying to extort familiarfully the travolta's son. the accused were threatening to release information about the death of jett. the mistrial was declared after the lawmaker decided the still deliberating jury had acquitted one of the suspects but now the judge
12:46 pm
is dismissing the charges, all of them. prosecutors saying that travoltas no longer want to pursue the case. joining me now, tom kaniff, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, although, full disclosure, bay haim ain justice, he was down there are anna nicole. it's a different animal. in this particular case, it has similarities to other cases where a family decides the travoltas are expecting a baby, they're having another child and the wire services are saying that john travolta said it's just best if my family to make it go away. could prosecutors bring the case, anyway? >> well, look, you know, despite we have a problem as we may have seen with the bahamian justice system with the anna nicole smith case, it derives from english common law. a hallmark of common law system is a right of confrontation, the right of the accused, the defendants, to go into court and have the opportunity and question and cross-examine their accuse every -- accuser, in this case the accuser is
12:47 pm
john travolta. if he indicates he's unwilling to go forward -- >> -- >> jamie: to testify a second time. >> because that ended in a mistrial and the prosecutors have to start from scratch and if they don't have travolta to come in and subject himself to cross-examination, well, it makes the case probably in a practical sense impossible to prove, depending upon what sort of forensic evidence might or might not exist but from a constitutional sense it makes the case impossible to prove because the defendants will say hey, unless he gets on the stand all rights to confrontation are being violated. jamie: same parameters if the u.s. authorities decided they wanted to pursue a case. >> rite, and that's another interesting aspect. back in '09 the fbi was involved in this case, the fbi actively investigated this case, extraterritorial jurisdiction has been used more aggressively in the united states and the standards are pretty straightforward. you either have to be a crime affecting a u.s. citizen or u.s. national, or it has to be perceived to
12:48 pm
have an impact within the united states. here we have john travolta, obviously a u.s. citizen, one of our favorite sons, being sex tort dollars for $25 million in u.s. currency, which would have an impact in the united states. so it may be eeasy for the federal authorities to establish that extraterritorial jurisdiction but even if these individuals can be extradited to the united states, it's not going to get them around the issue of the tkpropbtation clause which is just as applicable if not more applicable here under the sixth amendment. jamie: it sounds like all around maybe for them to be able to move on. is it something that you sometimes advise a client, move on? >> sure. i mean, as a former prosecutor, especially cases as sensitive as this, i mean, it's hard to imagine what the travolta family has went through, is going through, and their wishes are truly to get closure on this, then as a prosecutor, it's almost goulish to insist they go to court and rehash these horrible memories. jamie: that is the
12:49 pm
prosecutor in the bahamian court about ando dough and they've withdrawn all the charges. thank you g. to see you. >> thank you jamie. gregg: the 9/11 terror attacks changed america forever but now mainstream media reports say they overreacted to the events of that deadly day. we're going to take a closer look at those claims. and getting closer to the sun than ever before, why nasa's next mission is now a hot topic all around the nation.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
gregg this just n. a small plane crash near las vegas, nevada a. piper cher tkhaoe departed from henderson executive airport, couldn't gain any altitude, and crashed on to a residential street about 2 miles
12:53 pm
northwest of the airport at 8:15 this morning. four people were inside the plane. we just received word one of them died, three seriously injured. jamie: nasa's new mission, unlocking the sun's biggest mystery, scientists are going to bring a car-sized spacecraft close to the sun and then right into it. closer than ever before. the new project expected to begin no later than 2018. it's pretty fascinating stuff. here to tell us about the it, michio kakua. theoretical physics professor, host of the series "sci-fi science", physics of the impossible, every wednesday night on the science channel, you can't miss it, but wait until you hear about this, the sun. i was asking you how many mysteries there are regarding the sun. is it time to take a closer look? >> it sure is. every 11 years, the sun has a temper tantrum. but once in 100 years, we have a solar tsunami from outer space that could wipe
12:54 pm
out electrical supplies all over the planet earth. the last time was in 1958 -- 1859. this was a small price to pay to analyze the structure of the sun. jamie: if it happens it wipes out all the power grids, all the electrical systems? >> if we had this one -- once in a 100 years solar storm it would wipe out satellites, jet planes would be without communication, credit cards would be wiped out no, internet, no telecommunication, no gps, transformers would be blown out, refrigerators would go out, meaning that food riots would take place, no rescue crews from other cities because they're wiped out. so think of katrina, multiplied by 1000. jamie: the last one, you said 1859 so we could potentially be due. that makes the $180 million price tag for the price tag they put out for bid at nasa a little more palatable. you say it's cheap. >> it's an insurance policy. $180 million is peanuts compared to $2 trillion that we have calculated would be the effect of another 1859
12:55 pm
solar storm or tsunami that wipes out communications on the planet earth. jamie: folks, who knew, right? what else should we learn about the sun, if we do this experiment? >> well, the sun is actually a mystery, it controls half the secret to globe at warming, our weather. we actually know very little about the sun. we have computers models but this is going to be the real thing. remember last year we slammed the probe chromium into the moon and find out there's ice into the moon? we expect similar surprises with this probe. jamie: and no matter what happens, it disintegrate wh-s it actually goes into the sun. we'll learn a lot more along the way of this journey. >> that's right, we expect a lot of surprises and who would have thought the sun has so many mysteries and the sun ultimately controls our destiny. jamie: it sounds like it. we don't want to lose all of the things you mentioned. great to see you and definitely check out the show wednesday nights on the science channel. great to see you again, thank you. >> uh-huh. gregg: that means we lose tv that's bad.
12:56 pm
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we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ gregg: you probably think you've seen it all when it comes to police chases in southern california. guess again. take a look at this, see the black-and-white specs racing down the side of the road being tailed by a black-and-white patrol car. those are two dogs leading the police on a chase in downey, california, i'm not kidding you. the police helped escort the dogs safely off the highway. no word on whether they were running to or away from something. apparently they are not talking. they were red their miranda rights, right to remain silent, everything you say can and will be used against you. jamie: they are waiting for the big, exclusive interview with


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